About Us

How did Best Dog's World come about?

Merritt and Mary Beth were college roommates back in the day. After reconnecting several years ago, they decided they needed a creative outlet. They purchased a show-quality puppy and committed to spending time learning the ropes at dog shows and hanging out with other dog-crazed people.

Soon, their dreams expanded and they planned to start their own kennel because... who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by tons of adorable puppies? The idea to document their endeavors came from an offhand comment by an innocent bystander that they should blog their adventures, as they would surely be a comedy of errors.

A Forum for Dog Lovers to Share Ideas

The creation of a social media presence led them to the idea of broadening their scope and audience with a space for all dog lovers to share ideas, learn from experts, and generally enjoy their pups with like-minded folks.

Fast forward a bit and with the support of family, friends, and a very creative and inspiring PR team, the idea of Best Dog’s World was born.

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"No matter what happens, you are taking home the best dog…"

Before taking their puppy into the show ring for the first time, Mary Beth’s aunt Carlene, a long-time breeder of champion Shih-Tzus, said to her, “Remember, no matter what happens in the show ring, you are taking home the best dog because he is your dog.”

That simple piece of advice struck a real chord. Her words of wisdom rang true when their beloved show puppy, Simon, did not turn out to be the champion they had hoped. Simon is now an adorable and faithful companion who spends his time charming everyone he meets with excited licks and wags.

We Truly Believe That Everyone Has the Best Dog!

We couldn't love them more. We know that most dogs will never win blue ribbons in the show ring, and we also know that does not devalue that pet in the least. We truly believe that everyone has the Best Dog!

Mary Beth

Mary Beth lives with her husband, Jason, and dogs Simon, Daisy, Cooper, Gordy and Sophie. A cat named Cat also deigns to live in this zoo (most of the time against his will). She has two real live kids, Zachary and Nicholas, and two real live stepkids, Connor and Carmen, all of whom are grown. Mary Beth works in healthcare Monday through Friday and spends most of her free time on the beach in Isle of Palms, SC, watching dolphins and stalking turtles’ nests, hoping to catch a glimpse of a nest boiling (look it up!).


Merritt lives in Atlanta, Georgia and has worked in the corporate world since graduating from college. She shares her home with two dogs, Bentley and Brantley, who force her to take mental breaks and long walks. Merritt loves to spend time with family, especially her ever-entertaining nieces and nephews. Merritt has developed a love for good wine and has made many trips to Napa to curate her collection. She is always up for a new adventure!