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Drumroll, Please...Daisy Is Pregnant!

 We are excited to announce that after three trips to the vet, a few failed attempts to retract sperm from Simon, and the cornification cycle for Daisy, ensuring she is ready before inseminating her, Daisy is pregnant!

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Feb 17, 2023
March 11, 2023

Who We Are

How did Best Dog's World come about? Merritt and Mary Beth were college roommates back in the day. After reconnecting several years ago, they decided they needed a creative outlet. They purchased a show-quality puppy and committed to spending time learning the ropes at dog shows and hanging out with other dog-crazed people.

Soon, their dreams expanded and they planned to start their own kennel because... who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by tons of adorable puppies? The idea to document their endeavors came from an offhand comment by an innocent bystander that they should blog their adventures, as they would surely be a comedy of errors.